What is Sussex Day?

7 Jun

I have been thinking quite a bit about Sussex Day on the 16th June, and about what I am going to do to mark the day. I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to explain what Sussex Day is, just in case you wonder what it is I am going on about.

Perhaps the best way to describe Sussex Day is as a more localised version of St George’s Day, a chance to celebrate what makes Sussex special. Just like St George’s Day don’t expect to hear about any major celebrations or public holidays (that is why I have had to book a day off work).

The West Sussex County Council website describes Sussex Day as

an excellent opportunity for everyone who lives in the county to celebrate its rich heritage and to share a sense of immense pride in where they live.

The West Sussex County County have included a short film on their website entitled Spirit of Sussex Day which shows some of the varying scenery you will find in Sussex, as well as some of the residents of Sussex.

The 16th June is St Richard’s Day, St Richard was Bishop of Chichester, and you can find out more about him on the Diocese of Chichester website.

Sadly there is not much happening on the 16th June this year, although there is a presentation at the Marlipins Museum, Shoreham entitled The Story of Shoreham Film Studio which sounds quite interesting and a couple of other talks at libraries in the county.

The idea of Sussex Day is relatively new, only three years old, and it doesn’t appear to have found much support in East Sussex. Being on a weekday this year probably hasn’t helped, but I will be doing my bit to celebrate my Sussex ancestry.

What I shall be doing is largely down to the weather, if the weather is good then I shall spend the day walking and enjoying the Sussex landscape. If it is wet then I shall take shelter in one of the county archives!

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