A disappointing search for Miss WRIGHT

5 Jun

I was quite excited when I realised that Harriet WRIGHTs birth certificate had arrived today, but this soon turned to disappointment when I discovered that it wasn’t my Harriet WRIGHT (not unless some serious name changing has gone on).

The certificate I ordered turned out to be for Harriet the daughter of James and Tammy WRAIGHT, born 17th September 1839 in Faversham, Kent. The date and registration district looked correct for my Harriet, and the WRAIGHT could well have been a variant of WRIGHT.

Like I said unless there has been some serious name changing going on, which I very much doubt, this is not my 2x great grandmother. So I am going to have to re-think my next step. I was hoping to follow this up with a visit (to Canterbury or London) to check the parish registers for a baptism, but unless I can find some more information on this family I have nothing much to go on yet.

Time to review the evidence and start delving into the 1841 census again, spreading my search wider, and doing the same on FreeBMD as well. I am sure there is nothing unusual about this family, just that they didn’t know how to spell their names!

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