Time to put my feet up and enjoy the sunshine

29 May

Another working week draws to a close, and what a beautiful day it has been, bright and sunny most of the day, the weather forecast for the weekend is much the same.

I have already done my fair share of walking this week (over 40 miles) so I shall probably take it easy this weekend and I have no research trips planned either, so definitely a weekend for staying at home and enjoying the sun in the garden.

I have a pile of books (in fact several piles, much to my wife’s annoyance) that are waiting to be read. I have just returned two books to the library, one I have finished (and need to try and get my own copy) and the other I barely started, but rather that keep renewing it, I have admitted defeat and returned it. I really want to read it, but I have so many others waiting as well that I will come back to it at a later date.

Then there are all the ebooks and pdfs on my PC that I need to read, they will have to wait (until it rains) because I can’t sit out in the garden with a cold drink and enjoy the sunshine with them quite so easy.

All that being said I’m sure something will get in the way of my plans, I will probably get distracted by something else, but it is nice to pretend that I have my weekend planned out!

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