I finally made my mind up!

23 May

I finally made a decision about what to do today (Saturday), it did take me until Friday morning to decide, but I got there in the end. I did have second thoughts when I saw how beautiful the weather was this morning (bright sunshine and hardly a cloud in the sky), but I stuck to my plan.

That plan was not going to the Hampshire Record Office in Winchester or walking in the countryside, no instead I decided to head up to London!

London Family History Centre

London Family History Centre

I decided I really wanted to get on with finding out more about Thomas KINGHORN (4x great grandfather) and short of going up to Carlisle, the London Family History Centre (left) was the next best thing.

As an added bonus I was able to start dig into the Ospringe, Kent parish registers and try and get a grip on what was going on with my WRIGHT ancestors. But at the same time I could look into the Alton, Hampshire parish registers as well and see what secrets (if any) they held. As you can see it was still a beautiful day by the time I got to South Kensington.

The Science Museum, London

The Science Museum, London

I also wanted to pop into the Science Museum which is just on the opposite side of the road from the London Family History Centre. In particular I wanted to see if they still had an original mail coach on display, like the one that Thomas KINGHORN would have guarded.

I couldn’t find a mention of it on their website, and their search box didn’t find it, but I thought it was worth having a look around inside, especially as entrance to (most of) the museum is free.

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