A challenge for the weekend

14 May

A while back I promised that I was going to get my family tree (the chart) updated. Well I still haven’t done it yet. As I have designated this Saturday as a stay at home genealogy day it is the perfect opportunity to get this done (I will probably need Sunday as well).

My family tree has a few gaps, more through laziness than any research problems) which I need to fill. There are 14 3x great grandparents and a massive 49 4x great grandparents missing.

It would be fantastic to have a list of my 64 4x great grandparents, but I will start with something a bit more achievable for now. So by the end of the weekend I hope to have a list of my 32 3x great grandparents, and in the process I will probably have added some of those 4x great grandparents as well.

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    […] from Family Historian and some census images from when I spent the weekend trying to find all my 3x great grandparents. Most of these can be binned now, but I need to make sure they are all included in my tree before I […]

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