A view of Horsham: then and now

1 May

This is the latest addition to my collection (another eBay purchase), not that rare but it is a view that I have been after for a while, and this was at an excellent price so I couldn’t resist. It is postmarked 8pm December 24th 1903, and was sent to a Mrs Banks at ‘Newlyn’, Jarvis Brook, Sussex.

The Path From Deene Park, Horsham

The Path From Denne Park, Horsham

This morning was bright and clear, so before work I decided to head up Denne Hill and check out the view for myself. Sadly the fence across the middle of the picture has grown into a substantial hedge, so whilst the tree is still there (with a few bits of seating still attached) the view has been obscured. The photo below is the view from the other side of the hedge.

The Path from Deene Park, 2009

The Path from Denne Park, 2009

The two spires are St Mary’s Church on the left and St. Mark’s Church on the right, in fact all that is left of St. Mark’s Church is the spire. I think the original photographer may have taken a few liberties with the original image and moved Horsham a lot closer to Denne Park!

One Response to “A view of Horsham: then and now”

  1. Sally May 16, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    So great to find these photos. I was born in Horsham and lived at the bottom of Denne Hill near St Marys church. I lived there for 18 years and walked this hill many times. Recently I have had yearnings to move back, I now live in Brighton.

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