Identifying my latest picture postcard

26 Apr

I received my latest eBay purchase yesterday, it was yet another old picture postcard, and a bit of an impulse buy. As you can see below, it is captioned Chilgrove from the Downs and of course I have ancestors from Chilgrove (near Chichester, Sussex) but what really appealed to me was that it was such a nice view, the flat countryside stretching for miles, with what looked like more of the (South) Downs on the horizon to the right.

Chilgrove from the Downs

Chilgrove from the Downs

I was pretty certain that it wasn’t my ancestor’s home on the postcard, they were actually on the Downs, but I wasn’t sure exactly where this view was.

I started with my Ordnance Survey Explorer map of the area and tried to pinpoint the buildings in the photo, Chilgrove doesn’t have many buildings so I didn’t think it would be too hard.

With the help of Google Maps aerial view I was able to identify the buildings, and then search for more details on the building and even a photo. It turns out that the building in the centre of the card is the White Horse Inn.

Great I thought, when I am walking the Downs and visiting West Dean I can pop over the hill and stop off at the pub (just to check I have the correct place you understand!) where perhaps my ancestor’s once drank.

However, all links now seem to point to The Fish House, a rather posh looking new restaurant, that neither my ancestors nor me would be at home in, especially after a hard days working (or walking) the fields.

I will still try and visit the same hill as the photographer (a W. Smith of Gosport) did and check if I am correct, before wandering off elsewhere in search of a ploughman’s lunch.

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