The South Coast Family History Fair

19 Apr

It was quite a nice day to visit the seaside, the sun eventually came out, but the wind made it feel colder. Still, I wasn’t too worried because I was inside for most of the day. Either on a bus or in the Worthing Pavilion Theatre at the family history fair.

This is quite a small fair, perhaps 20 stalls and about seven or eight of those were postcard dealers. There were none of the big online database providers, which is much the same as previous years. There were four or five family history societies, including the Sussex Family History Group, but I don’t remember seeing the Society of Genealogists there this year. The West Sussex Record Office also had a stand there, selling their guides and DVDs.

The rest of the stalls were a mixture of retailers selling maps, CDs, accessories and charts etc. To be honest I spent most of my time (and money) with the postcard dealers. Having said that I didn’t spend a great deal, I did see a few nice cards that were out of my price range, but none of my main collecting area, which is becoming much harder find these days.

I did come away with three church postcards to illustrate my family history, and they will probably all end up on this blog sooner or later. They were of Shermanbury, Bolney and Framfield, all in Sussex. I also decided that I need to create a list of all the churches that my ancestors were connected with, the list is getting too much for me to remember, especially with all the MITCHELL ones as well now (and I forgot to look for St Cuthberts, Carlisle as well today).

To be honest there wasn’t a lot else to interest me or that I needed, I did buy the Singleton parish register transcripts CD (published by The Parish Register Transcription Society) from the SFHG stand, which will help me push back my BOXALL ancestors a few generations by giving me some idea of where to look in the original registers.

The fair was pretty well attend by the look of it, but it is a small venue so there were never going to be huge numbers. The entrance fee, £2, was great value, plus going down to Worthing meant that my wife and I got the chance to have fish and chips on the sea front, which is never a bad thing!

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  1. Helen V Smith (@HVSresearch) March 23, 2012 at 7:03 am #

    I see you are interested in the surname Boxall. I just thought I’d mention that this name is regisetred with the Guild of One Name studies. the eprson running that study can be contacted at this addess

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