A postcard of Cowfold Church and Cemetery

17 Apr

I couldn’t resist this postcard on eBay, especially as it sold for a bargain price. The original has some damage to the corners (most of which I have airbrushed out) but it is still a very nice card, although not that rare because I have seen other examples of the same card for sale.

Cowfold Church and Cemetery, Sussex

Cowfold Church and Cemetery, Sussex

The whole postcard appears to be at a slight angle, or perhaps it is an optical illusion. I just love the contrast between the crisp white gravestones and weathered grey stone of the church building. The postcard was not used, but I would estimate the date around 1910, possibly slightly earlier.

The view is not quite the same today, in fact it would be quite hard to see much of the church at all from the same position, such is the amount of growth along the hedge in front of the church. I will try and get an up to date photo from the same position so you can see what it is like now.

My connection with this postcard is not in the cemetery itself (at least I haven’t found anyone yet), but rather with the church. My 8x great grandparents John TROWER and Mary MERCER were married there on the 20th May 1656, at least I think they are my ancestors, things get a little unclear going that far back!

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