What next for Thomas KINGHORN?

9 Apr

Having confirmed Thomas KINGHORN’s (3x great grandfather) place of birth and baptism I think I almost have all the information I need to complete the mini biography for him, which was my initial goal.

However when I think about it there are still a few vital questions I would like to have answered before I move on elsewhere:

  1. When did he arrive in London and was he on his own or with parents and/or siblings?
  2. Where were his first six children baptised? Were the later births registered?
  3. Where were the family living prior to the 1841 census? What house numbers and street names?
  4. What does Thomas’ occupation of tailor mean? Was he self-employed or did he work for someone else? Did he have a shop? Did he work from home or in a workshop? What exactly did he make?
  5. Where did Thomas’ children go to school?
  6. Where were Thomas, his second wife and their child and his third wife buried?
  7. How did Thomas’ children (with his third wife) end up in Brighton?

I am sure that whilst answering these questions, others will occurs to me, but that is quite enough to be getting on with for now.

Then I need to get hold of some illustrations, probably old postcards of the churches and streets where they, along with current photos of the same locations. Also I need an old street map I can reproduce (so something in the public domain) and probably a modern day map for comparison.

So it still looks like I still have my work cut out, I can think of several archives that I am probably going to have to visit to find out what I want (or confirm that it is not going to be possible to find out). I should however have enough information already for a very rough first draft, so watch out for that soon.

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