Mapping MITCHELL movement on Google Maps

5 Apr

I have spent some time today plotting the baptisms of the children of William Henry and Harriet MITCHELL, the results can be seen below. The map itself is OK, but I may go back and try and change one or two things like the fact that some of the markers are for more than one event, and I think it would be better if there was some way of showing the order of the markers (I could create date markers for each year but that would be too much like hard work). A good start, but definitely something I could improve upon.

So what does the map actually show, well between 1860 and 1882 there were baptisms in nine different parish churches, so that almost certainly means that there were nine different houses they lived in, in fact probably more because they left Bedhampton for Stoughton for a while before returning. Ten different addresses in 22 years seems quite astonishing, especially for someone like me who spent the first 22 years of his life (well more than that) in the same house!

I hadn’t appreciated that there was such a nice north-west to south-east alignment of the parishes, this doesn’t mean that there was a gradually drift south-east towards Chichester, Sussex where they ended up, because they start in the middle and move north-west before heading south-east.

Listed below is the actual data used to create the map (name, baptism date and baptism parish):

Mary Ann MITCHELL        26 Feb 1860  Exton, Hampshire
Henry James MITCHELL      3 Nov 1861  Exton, Hampshire
Robert Charles MITCHELL  25 Jan 1863  Exton, Hampshire
James MITCHELL           18 Dec 1864  Chilcomb, Hampshire
Sarah Ann WRIGHT*        10 May 1866  Easton, Hampshire
William MITCHELL         22 Dec 1867  Kilmeston, Hampshire
Emma Louisa MITCHELL     11 Jul 1869  Meonstoke, Hampshire
Elizabeth MITCHELL        9 Apr 1871  Soberton, Hampshire
George MITCHELL          25 May 1873  Clanfield, Hampshire
Alfred MITCHELL          12 Sep 1875  Clanfield, Hampshire
Albert MITCHELL           5 May 1878  Bedhampton, Hampshire
Harriet Ellen MITCHELL   21 Dec 1879  Stoughton, Sussex
Frederick MITCHELL        5 Feb 1882  Bedhampton, Hampshire

*This is a bit of a strange one, but despite being baptised with her
mother's maiden name I am sure she should be Sarah Ann MITCHELL.

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