Bloated after a genealogy binge!

31 Mar

As March comes to an end it feels like I have been on a massive genealogy binge this month, my folders and files are certainly bloated, and my desk overflowing. I think I have consumed much more genealogy this month then the last few months put together.

The  month of March saw a flurry of genealogy activity, starting with Who Do You Think You Are Live (technically I went in February, but close enough) and ending last weekend with the Sussex Family History Group conference.

I have spent quite a bit of money on books, CDs, ordered birth, marriage and death certificates (and of course spent money on the 1911 census). In fact I have probably spent more on family history in the last month than I did in all of the last year.

Then there were the visits to archives and libraries: Hampshire Record Office, the City of Westminster Archives and the London Family History Centre, and all the associated travel costs.

It’s not that I begrudge the cost, both financial and in terms of my time, it is certainly cheaper than paying someone else to do it for me (and more rewarding).

Almost every waking hour seems to have been spent thinking about family history. I wonder whether it is this blogs fault? Am I just consuming genealogy to feed to the blog? I guess there is an element of that, but that is not the only reason.

I think the main factor is that my two main projects (the KINGHORNs and the MITCHELLs) are new and exciting, pushing me into unfamiliar territory, expanding my knowledge and setting me new challenges. With both families I had no background knowledge, no family memories (and unfortunately no photographs).

The upshot of this binge is that I have a lot of material to organise, check, add to my family history software, expand upon and finally create an interesting way of sharing the information with other family members.

For April things are going to be a lot quieter, I am hoping to make one trip to the West Sussex Record Office to clear up some loose ends on various family lines (including some MITCHELLs) and then there is the South Coast Family History Fair (at Worthing on the 19th April) when I shall take the opportunity of spending the day by the seaside with my wife!

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