Who to spend my 30 credits on?

30 Mar

Having found my 2x great grandmother Harriet MITCHELL in the 1911 census yesterday, I now have the question of what to do with my remaining credits. I have enough credits left for one more image, but who should I spend it on?

Of course I could just save the credits for the next time I have a query, but I can feel those 30 credits burning a whole in my (online) pocket, begging to be spent.

I have found entries for pretty much all of my direct ancestors, with the exception of George Thomas GASSON (2x great grandfather). However,  I know exactly where he was at the time of the census, in the East Sussex County Asylum at Hellingly, Sussex, so there is probably no benefit from finding his entry.

There may still be some direct ancestors alive in 1911 that I haven’t checked, because I don’t know when they died, so perhaps I should pick one of my less well researched lines and use the 1911 census to fill in a few of the blanks. Maybe the WALDER family in Bolney, Sussex, but there are rather a lot of them.

Perhaps it should be one of the brothers or sisters of my ancestors. There are a few interesting people that it would be useful to find out more about, such as Abraham TROWER (3x great uncle) who was the last of about 5 or six generations of TROWERs living at Harwoods Farm, Henfield, Sussex.

Or what about Abraham’s brother Luther? What was he doing in 1911? Where was he living? Would it provide any clues as to why he would commit suicide 18 months later?

And perhaps it would be worth looking for Mercy TROWER, or would it be STEADMAN or perhaps BARLEY? I wonder if the 1911 census would explain why I can’t find a record of her marriages, despite the fact she died as a widow?

Then there is William James GASSON (2x great uncle) who died of enteric fever in the First World War. He would still have been single in 1911, and probably already serving in the army, so he might not be online yet.

And don’t get me started on the BOXALLs or the MITCHELLs, they had far too many children, one image would be a drop in the ocean with either of those families.

I never have been good at making decisions, there are far to many possibilities, perhaps I will sleep on it and see who comes to mind tomorrow. Maybe I can resist the temptation, and hold onto my credits for a really worthy cause, but like a kid in a sweet shop, I doubt I will be able to resist for long!

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