The 1911 census and Harriet MITCHELL

29 Mar

I finally took the plunge and paid for 60 credits for the 1911 census today. Although I am trying to limit the amount of money I spend on the 1911 census (until it comes out on a subscription model), curiosity finally got the better of me and I decide to take a chance and download the image for Harriet MITCHELL.

I was pretty sure it was my 2x great grandmother, the age was about right and the location was Hampshire, so that was a match as well. However, I couldn’t identify who she was living with, from the indexes I knew it was one of her children because her relationship was mother.

I could have spent a fair amount of time, checking other names in the same household, what with 13 children (technically only 12 left to find because I already have the image for my great grandfather) and then the married names of the daughters (if they had married by then).

Instead I bit the bullet and paid my money and downloaded the image, and I was correct it was her and she was living with her married daughter Ellen HUTFIELD (should have been Harriet Ellen, but I will forgive them that).

So not only do I get the information on Harriet MITCHELL, but also one of her daughters, and five grandchildren (one had died). Interesting Ellen HUTFIELD described her relationship as wife, but there was no head listed. I assume that being a Portsmouth address this probably means that her husband was in the navy and away at sea.

The information I was really after of course was that on Harriet MITCHELL. She was listed as a widow, which I had already guessed she would be (I think William Henry her husband died in 1908), and her birthplace was shown as Kent, Cowfold.

Now, I know a Cowfold in Sussex, that is only a couple of miles down the road from me, but I can’t seem to find a Cowfold in Kent, or anything like it? Everything seems to point to the fact that she wasn’t born in Alton, Hampshire, but somewhere in Kent, despite what numerous census returns tell us!

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