The British Postal Museum & Archive Blog

26 Mar

Whilst browsing The British Postal Museum & Archive website today I noticed that they had a (relatively) new blog. I am not sure why I was so interested in postal history, but I have been a regular visitor to their website for several years now, and a receiver of their newsletter, but until recently I didn’t realise that I had any Royal Mail employees amongst my ancestors. I think my interest stems from the fact that the Post Office has always been an integral part of English village life.

Their blog is not only appealing to look at (it contains some wonderful images of 1950s posters), but it covers quite a diverse range of subjects from historical to the latest Royal Mail stamp issue.

Personally the most interesting post for me was the one concerning an attack on a mail coach by a lioness, there was I thinking all my 4x great grandfather had to worry about was robbers and freezing to death whilst guarding the mail coach! It doesn’t say who the unfortunate mail guard was on the night, but I don’t suppose it was my 4x great grandfather, that would be too good to be true!

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