Preparing to visit the Hampshire Record Office: Part 4

20 Mar

The big day has final arrived, well the night before the big day, and I am almost prepared. I now know how I am going to get there, what I want to find out when I am there and what sources I am going to have to look at to find out what I am after.

All I have to do now is make sure I have everything I need ready for the morning, so along with all the usual stuff like something to write on, a pencil (or two), something to read on the train, my mp3 player for something to listen to on the train, the most important thing (other than my wallet) is my research notes.

Having thinned out some of the extra prints and background material, I am down to the bare bones of what I already know and what it is that I want to check. As I am only really focusing on one family at this time, this really only amounts to about half a dozen sheets, and report from my family history software.

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