More KINGHORN research and Google Street View

19 Mar

I discovered another little piece of the puzzle relating to my 3x great grandfather Thomas KINGHORN. I was able to identify the location of an address in Westminster, London where the family were living when his first wife Alicia (nee DALTON) died in 1846.

The address given was 5 George Place, and from the burial record I knew that George Place was in Cross Street, but I couldn’t find Cross Street on any modern maps. The answer was in The Survey of London available on Britsh History Online which revealed that “In 1886 Cross Street, Cross Court and South Row, extending from Kingly to Marshall Street, were renamed Ganton Street.”

I had no trouble finding Ganton Street on Google Maps and with a click of a button I was standing in Kingly Street looking down the narrow road that Thomas KINGHORN once lived in! I hadn’t realised that Google Street View had only just gone live in the UK.

I will of course be making a visit to Westminster at a future date to get some photos, but Google Street View is a genealogists dream, especially if you are unlikely to ever be able to visit your ancestral home town in person.

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