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19 Mar

I’m not sure how long it has been up, but today I noticed a new advert on the home page for their upcoming collection of London historical records, drawn from the London Metropolitan Archives and the Guildhall Library.

The preview page gives a brief preview of some of the record types that will be made available, some of the work that was involved in getting this important collection online (or very soon to be online) and other bits of interesting information.

The preview page itself is very nice to look at, and (as a lover of maps) the flash map of London Boroughs is particularly good. That is the sort of interactive map I would love to see more of and in a greater level of detail.

Despite my ancestors being largely from a rural background, I naturally have one or two ancestors who were drawn to London for one reason or another, and I am sure most researchers will be in the same situation.

So I am eagerly awaiting the first releases from this collection, and perhaps because of the depth of information and wide date ranges available this collection will probably be of more interest to me than this years previous star attraction, the 1911 census.

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