Parish maps: where are they?

16 Mar

I can’t believe how difficult it is to get hold of maps of parish boundaries. I have been searching online to find a historic map of parishes in Hampshire, with very little success.

I have a splendid map from The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies but unfortunately it is approximately A3 size, not really practical for taking to the record office with me and not the sort of thing I want to be scribbling notes on as I go about my research (even if it is only in pencil). If only they or someone else produced a range of county maps that researchers could download and print copies.

I am sure there would be a market, just as there appears to be for old Ordnance Survey reprints, if I had the time I would try and do something on Google Maps or such like. I would love to be able to overlay parish boundaries, registration district boundaries and any of the dozens of other administrative divisions on a present day or historic map.

If anybody knows of a such product, preferably free, then let me know, until then I will make do with my old OS maps.

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