Preparing to visit the Hampshire Record Office: Part 1

15 Mar

To get me through the working week, I am starting to look forward to a visit to the Hampshire Record Office at Winchester next Saturday.

1. Practicalities

Check their website (

  • Are they open when I want to visit?
  • Do they hold the information I am after?
  • Do I need to book a seat in advance?
  • What form of identity do I need?
  • Where are they located in relation to the railway station?

Check transport (

  • What time are the trains?
  • Is there engineering work that is going to make the journey too long?
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • Can I get there cheaper by going at a different time?
  • Would it be cheaper to pay someone else to do the work?
  • How long am I going to be able to spend at the record office?

So once I know the details of how I can get there and it is still worth me going, I can move on to the next stage of planning, which is defining what I actually want to find out when I am there…

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