Great great grandparent’s marriage certificate

7 Mar

Yesterday I received the copy of my 2x great grandparents marriage certificate that I ordered last week (a pretty good turnaround time, although the death certificate I ordered at the same time hasn’t arrived yet).

William Henry MITCHELL and Harriet WRIGHT married at Exton Parish Church in Hampshire in February 1860. Unfortunately the exact date in February is not clear, most likely it is the 4th, but I cannot be certain. Now I know in the grand scheme of things the exact date is not really that important, but it seems a shame that having gone to the expense of ordering the certificate that I don’t have that piece of information.

I have emailed the GRO (or what ever they are now called) to see if the image can be checked, otherwise I could try the local registrar or the parish register from Hampshire Record Office. I will let you know I get on.

Getting back to the certificate, neither William or Harriet signed their names, instead they made their mark with a cross. William’s father was also William, and also a labourer, I had hoped for something a bit more unusual (in both name and profession) but those are the challenges we face!

Harriet’s father was Henry WRIGHT and his profession is listed as “a sweep”. Both William and Harriet were living in Exton at the time of their marriage. The witnesses are Henry John BAILEY and Maria BAILEY, I wonder who they were? I am sure that given time I will find out.

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