More on the 1911 census….

6 Mar

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I would like to find out more details about where my 2x great grandmother was living in the 1911 census, and it seems that there is (or soon will be) a way of getting that sort of information.

There is an article in the latest (March 2009) Ancestors magazine ( which gives details of the RG78 Enumerator’s Summary Books for the 1911 census, and claims they are available to view now on the 1911 census website (

They don’t appear to be available yet but the 1911 census blog ( gives some detail of these records:

As well as applying many enhancements to the data to attempt to smooth over the inconsistencies of our ancestors, we will also release the RG78 Enumerators Summary Books soon (current estimate is April), which list the households and heads in each area: this information is invaluable for identifying neighbouring houses when the address information left by our ancestors makes this hard to recover. If you have already paid to view a household image, you will be able to view the linked Enumerators images for free, by returning to your saved records. You will not be required to make further payment to view these.

This sounds ideal for my little problem, where exactly was Gorewood Green, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex? Just a few more weeks to wait…

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