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Snow across Sussex

6 Jan

Last night saw heavy snow fall across most of the South of England. I know some people will say that four inches of snow is not that much, but for us here in Sussex it is quite unusual to see that much snow in one day.

Sussex in the snow

What has been most surprising is that although it has continued snowing all day, the main roads in our area are quite clear (the photo above is a country lane nearby). That will all change tonight when the temperature drops below zero and everything turns to ice.

Unemployed in time for Christmas

18 Dec

Today was a truly memorable day. Not because we woke up to 1½” of snow this morning, which is quite unusual for Sussex. No, today was my final day at work with my current employer.

It was no surprise, in fact the company has been in quite possibly the longest close down in history. For just over four years I have waited for this day to come.

There are so many emotions, fears and hopes, but financially I don’t have to worry about how I am going to pay the mortgage for a few months, and whilst the employment situation doesn’t look good in the short-term, I am sure something will turn up in time.

In the meantime it should hopefully give me more free time to work on my family history between job interviews and filling in application forms (and the list of jobs that needs doing around the home).

In these last seven years my job has changed so much. I have made many friends and learnt a lot from them. I have so many happy memories of the time spent there and the laughs that we shared. Of course those people haven’t gone, just that they will no longer be part of my everyday life.

People used to laughingly say that I would be the one switching out the lights and locking the door, and today as myself and my two remaining colleagues made a final walk through the empty building closing the doors and switching out the lights, they were proved correct.

These last few weeks have been hard work both physically and emotionally, but even when things didn’t go according to plan we still found it possible to laugh and smile. Something which I am never going to be able to forget.

I feel an immense sense of pride for what we achieved, how we worked together and made things happen in sometimes difficult circumstances.

Now the doors are closed we can move on.

Festival of Postcards: Eastbourne after the Great Blizzard

14 Dec

The theme for the latest Festival of Postcards hosted by Evelyn at A Canadian Family blog is white.

Given the time of year and the fact that there are rumours going around that we might have a White Christmas in Sussex this year (I very much doubt it!), there was only really one choice of card from my collection.

This is rather different to the usual seaside view of Eastbourne, Sussex showing the promenade and pier. There are a few figures on the beach, but no tourists enjoying ice cream in the sunshine. Although judging by the number of footprints it does look like there had been plenty of people out strolling along the promenade.

The “great blizzard” was on the 28th December 1908 and of course the heavy snowfall wasn’t confined to just Eastbourne or Sussex, but much of Britain appears to have been affected.

According to The Sussex Weather Book (Froglets Publications and Frosted Earth, 1991) in Eastbourne, “so fierce was the blizzard on the sea front that the snow and mist rendered the sea invisible”.

The Brighton Herald newspaper (quoted in The Sussex Weather Book) described the scene:

There is nothing that so utterly transforms a town as such a fall of snow as that of this week. It brings with it a rare witchery of beauty, yet a rare sense of desolation. The beauty is in the encrusting of the trees, the silvering of the bushes and the mantling of lawns in purest white. The effect of desolation was heightened by the profound hush. Indeed the strange effect of deep snow to the townsman is the silence that it brings”.

Ironically the ice skating rink at Brighton had to be closed because “snow was percolating through the roof and covering the floor”.


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