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Weekly Genealogy Preview (for week 47)

15 Nov

I didn’t touch my stuff to sort folder last week, largely due to spending most of my time updating my 4x great-grandparents, and getting sidetracked into looking at William HOLMAN and his large family.

  • This week I will definitely get the George Thomas GASSON stuff in the stuff to sort folder organised.
  • I think I will carry on working through my 4x great-grandparents filling in as many gaps as possible.
  • I need to prepare a plan for a visit to the London Family History Centre. This will probably be my last chance to find any missing details before I have to get my family tree printed.
  • The work I did on Ernest Arthur TROWER has made me want to find out more, I know there is not a lot more to be found out, but it would nice to try and find some more.

Weekly Genealogy Preview (for week 44)

25 Oct

Last week was mainly about consolidation. Very little was actually added to my family tree whilst I spent my time planning some next moves for finding the last of my 4x great grandparents. This week I need to get those plans documented and ready to implement over the next few weeks.

  • Continue working on my stuff to sort folder, last week I discovered a collection of parish register transcriptions that weren’t on my spreadsheet, so that will be my focus this week.
  • Prepare a plan for identifying the parents of Susannah POCOCK, ready for a visit to Hampshire Record Office.
  • Decide whether I should order a copy of the marriage certificate for Henry SHORNDEN and Sarah LAY or whether to try and locate a copy of the parish register.
  • Start working on Phase II of my Christmas Tree Project, by preparing a query in Family Historian to identify the gaps in my research for all my ancestors.
  • Prepare for a visit to the West Surrey Family History Society Family History Fair at Woking, Surrey next weekend, to make sure I get the most out of the day.

Weekly genealogy preview (for week 32)

2 Aug

Many genealogy bloggers post a review of the research they achieved during the week or month, but just to be different and to help me focus on what I want to achieve, I will post a preview of what I want to do with my research this coming week.

  • I need to prepare for an archive visit next weekend. It has been far too long since I visited an archive, and next Saturday is probably my best opportunity to do so. I need to decide where to go (most likely the London Family History Centre), whether I can get there and what I want to find when I get there.  UPDATE: I made it to The National Archives, and I was quite well prepared although the addition of Wybrants KINGHORN at short notice didn’t really help.
  • My wife has asked me several times recently if I have found out where the GASSON surname comes from. I have to admit that I haven’t and in fact I haven’t gone back very far on that line for several years. I will review my research and see where I need to go next to make any progress and if it is something I want to take on at the moment. UPDATE: Definitely something I want to do, but I didn’t get around to reviewing my previous research.
  • I need to consider my FAIRS research and decide whether I want to research forwards as well as backwards. What I mean is do I want to try and trace other descendants of my ancestors or just concentrate on going further back? UPDATE: I don’t think I can go back that much further now without a trip to the West Sussex Record Office, so until then I will start adding some descendants if I get time.
  • I want to make a start on weeding out the rubbish from my paper folders. I have too much paper that I don’t need to keep because it could be easily recreated if needed. Anything I need to keep needs to be scanned and then filed again, but in a more organised fashion. UPDATE: Didn’t really do anything about this, I keep putting it off but maybe next week will be the week.
  • I need to decide if I am going to do anything with my old 15″ flat screen monitor. I did have a crazy idea about setting up multiple monitors on my PC, but that is probably more hassle than it is worth. UPDATE: Decided I probably don’t need multiple monitors, so I will put it in storage as a spare for the time being.
  • I need to make a decision about going to the National Family History Fair at Gateshead in September, and I need to make it soon otherwise all the cheap coach tickets will have gone. UPDATE: Probably won’t bother, as much as I would like to go it is probably going to be more hassle than it is worth.

It looks like there won’t actually be much research going on, but I am sure I will find time to do some more work, although much of it may well be tidying up existing data as I go through my paper folders and preparing material for an archive visit.

  • I can’t forget the next episode of Who Do You Think You Are? on Wednesday evening at 9pm on BBC1. UPDATE: I saw it, enjoyed it and wrote about it.

And of course there will be a few blog posts and I might even get chance to get a few hours sleep as well, which is what I must do now!

Ready for the weekend? Not really!

13 May

It’s Wednesday already, and I should be getting ready for a research trip to the Hampshire Record Office (HRO) in Winchester on Saturday, but I am not.

I have fallen behind with my preparation and I don’t feel I am going to be in a position to make full use of my time at Winchester, and that would simply be a waste of time and money. As much as I would like to spend time at the HRO and I am quite looking forward to another long train ride, I have decided to put it off for at least another week.

Instead I am going to spend Saturday catching up, not just on family history, but some housework and general filing. It also gives me an excuse to spend some time “playing” with Family Historian 4, whilst pretending to be updating it with information and photos from last weekend’s visit to Framfield and Blackboys.

If I feel the need to get out I can always head down to the Brighton History Centre for a quick bit of genealogical research that won’t break the bank (provided I stay away from the postcard shop whilst I am down there).

Preparing to visit the Hampshire Record Office: Part 4

20 Mar

The big day has final arrived, well the night before the big day, and I am almost prepared. I now know how I am going to get there, what I want to find out when I am there and what sources I am going to have to look at to find out what I am after.

All I have to do now is make sure I have everything I need ready for the morning, so along with all the usual stuff like something to write on, a pencil (or two), something to read on the train, my mp3 player for something to listen to on the train, the most important thing (other than my wallet) is my research notes.

Having thinned out some of the extra prints and background material, I am down to the bare bones of what I already know and what it is that I want to check. As I am only really focusing on one family at this time, this really only amounts to about half a dozen sheets, and report from my family history software.


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