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Surviving a week without genealogy

19 Jul

I have just got back from a week of sunshine and showers, sand and seagulls in South Devon without access to my family history. I wasn’t completely genealogy free, I had a book to read (mail coaches) as well as the latest issue of Ancestors magazine, there was also the first episode of the latest series of Who Do You Think You Are? on television.

I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t really miss my family history but what I did miss was having ready access to the internet to look up stuff such as bus and train times and the weather forecast.

I do wish that I had some Devon ancestors as it would have given us (yes, I would have dragged my wife along with me) a great excuse to visit some of the more rural locations and explore the countryside away from the usual tourist hotspots

The whole holiday makes me want to go on a proper genealogy holiday (visiting and exploring the area where my ancestors came from rather than a research trip) so I am going to have to give that some thought, but there are not that many options as most of my ancestors are from Sussex or within a few hours travelling time.

I forgot to turn the internet off whilst I was on holiday!

18 Jul

You know what it’s like, you think you have remembered everything when you plan for a holiday but there is always one thing you forget. In my case I forgot to turn the internet off on my way out.

So what did I come back to? Hundreds of emails, loads of blog posts to read, a couple of dozen podcasts and countless websites to catch up on (have there been any new releases at ancestry.co.uk whilst I was away?) and then there are all those saved search emails from eBay, I must check them just in case something I simply must have has been listed.

I am grateful I never signed up to GenealogyWise or I would need another week to catch up with everything that has been happening!

Seriously though if you have tried to get in touch with me in this last week, then bear with me, I will get around to everything eventually. Next time I am going to pack a netbook as well as the suncream and raincoat.

Can I survive a week without family history?

15 Jun

In few weeks my wife and I will be on a weeks holiday in South Devon, England and my biggest worry is not whether the weather will stay fine, but whether I can survive a week away from my genealogy, without becoming unbearable.

I have no research to do in the Devon Record Office, as far as I know I have no Devon ancestors, I have no laptop (although I could probably find an internet connected PC, but that wouldn’t go down too well) and I certainly won’t have space to pack my family history files, so for the whole week I shall be genealogy free.

Hardly an hour goes by without me thinking about some aspect of my family history, let alone spending a whole day away from my genealogy. A whole week away from it is unimaginable.

I shall probably take a genealogy history book with me to read, and I am sure I can find other books and magazines in an emergency. Perhaps, if things get really bad I could sneak off to a graveyard or cemetery and record some monumental inscriptions, just to satisfy my cravings!

I am hopeful that we will be able to indulge my passion for walking, and that will keep my mind off family history. Hopefully my wife and I can enjoy some of the South West Coast Path together.


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