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findmypast.co.uk have moved the goal posts – check the latest instructions for free world cup access

16 Jun

Findmypast.co.uk have changed the conditions for free access to their website during the next England World Cup match on the 18th June 2010. Hopefully this will enable more flexibility for overseas visitors and ensure that everyone gets a shot at free access.

Free access will now be available for 90 minutes (no extra time), but the 90 minutes starts at any time you want between 9am (UK time) on England match day and 9am (UK time) the following day. Full details are available on their website.

Also you need to make sure you are registered with the site before midnight on the 17th June to qualify for free access.

Hopefully this should spread the load on their servers this time around, so that everyone will be able to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

Findmypast.co.uk gives non-football fans something to look forward to the World Cup for

11 Jun

UPDATE 16/06/2010:  Findmypast.co.uk have changed the instructions for free access, check out their website for latest details, and make sure you are registered before the 18th June.

I am definitely in the non-football camp, sure I would like England to do well, but I won’t be getting excited about the upcoming World Cup. However, findmypast.co.uk have given us non-football fans something to look forward to.

Findmypast.co.uk have today announced that for the duration of the England matches (starting 30 minutes before kick-off) access to their records (except Living Relatives searches and Memorial scrolls) will be free. This means you will be able to access their great collections, including the 1911 census and their growing Chelsea Pensioners British Army Service Records collection.

All you need is to be registered with findmypast to take advantage of this great offer, then book your seat in front of the computer for the first England match on Saturday evening. By my reckoning free access should start at 1900BST and according to the announcement should last for three hours.


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