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Planning my next big challenge

10 Sep

I have been looking ahead to a time when all my organising is complete and all my files are in order, and thinking about what I want to do next.

I know I have several more detailed projects already on the go, but what I would really like to do is have another intensive genealogy weekend like I did earlier in the year. This time I would like to try and identify all my 4x great grandparents.

I had a quick count up last night and found that I already have some details for half of them, so that only leaves me another 32 ancestors to go.

I realise that 32 ancestors in a weekend is probably not going to be achievable, especially as some of these individuals are going to require a trip to the record office or London Family History Centre.

So in the next few weeks, as I transition from organising to researching, I am going to start doing some groundwork, pick off some of the easy ancestors and identify some of the problem ones.

I also need to go through and make sure I have all the details for the earlier generations and make sure I have all the basic information for them, so that means birth, marriage, death (or baptism and burial) and census details for all available years. Fortunately I can run a query on Family Historian which will show me which data I have and what is missing.

And the reason why I want to do this? Well, by the end of the year I would like to have printed a family tree of all my ancestors. Not as a Christmas present for anyone in particular (other than me), but as a talking point for when the family gathers at that time of year, hopefully to stimulate a bit of interest in our ancestry.

So by the end of October I would like to have the majority of the research done, I can then spend November adding as many photos as possible and worrying about presentation and then in December I can get it printed, and perhaps a working copy to scribble on around the table after Christmas dinner.

Filling in the gaps in my tree

8 Apr

I have been looking at my family tree recently, when I say family tree I mean the chart or diagram that shows my ancestors, and I have noticed there are one or two gaps which are making it look untidy and which I need to do something about.

A couple of things prompted me to look closely at my tree. Firstly, I wanted to put some details of my ancestors on this blog, probably starting with my 2x great grandparents, in the hope that they will catch the eye of a Googling distant cousin.

Secondly, it has now become relatively cheap to get a large family tree printed at my local print and copy shop, and I think it is about time I had something to show for my research, other than a bookcase of folders and a computer database.

Before I can do either of these I need to get my data in a presentable state. For the chart that means I would like to have names, key life events and census information (where available) for everyone back to my 3x great grandparents, it needs to be big chart so I can show off just how much work I have done!

For this blog I will probably start with my great grandparents (I think they are ready to go) and followed up a short while later by my 2x great grandparents. The 3x great grandparents will follow on several weeks later I think.

I believe I have most of the data already for my 2x great grandparents, but just not entered into my family history software. This will be a useful organising exercise, as well as highlighting any potential issues that might require a trip to a record office.

And why am I telling you all this? Well, hopefully by making a public commitment might encourage me to actually get it finished!


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